Why are we talking about sustainable health? Because PharmAssist, iA Financial Group’s one stop shop for drug management, was designed to foster the financial health and sustainability of drug insurance plans, while promoting long-lasting physical and mental health for plan members.

Nowadays, group insurance plans are heavily pressured due to a steep increase in traditional drug prescriptions and the introduction of new and very expensive drugs. It is therefore paramount to optimize drug coverage, and this is where PharmAssist steps in!

Our quality solutions, operational efficiency and outstanding service help us provide customized and efficient drug insurance plans.

We look forward to contributing to your group health!

Our pledge

We created PharmAssist to simplify and optimize drug management so our clients and partners can devote more time and energy toward the success of their business.

Therefore, we pledge to:


Provide efficient and easy-to-implement solutions that put our clients’ objectives at the core of our priorities.


Facilitate the management of expensive drugs through a meticulous industry watch, a rigorous prior authorization process and tailored products.


Constantly refine our processes and tools to facilitate the daily administration of our clients’ plans.


Cultivate the human dimension of our relationships with our clients and partners, listen to their concerns and remain available.