This page provides you with recent data that will help you better understand current and future key industry issues as well as the necessity for tightly-managed drug plans.

Sourced from Express Scripts Canada’s 2015 Drug Trend Report.

Percentage of claimants with chronic conditions

Chronic conditions require taking maintenance drugs that can sometimes be very expensive. Since 51% of Canadian claimants suffer from two chronic conditions or more, tight plan management and plan member education are more important than ever.

  • Percentage of claimants with chronic diseases

Traditional and specialty drugs: Annual spend projections

Specialty drug annual total spend soared from 17.5% in 2010 to 30% in 2015. In 2020, the continuing increase is expected to reach 42%. Since traditional drug spend is also increasing, failing to implement strict cost control measures could quickly prove to be disastrous.

  • Specialty drugs
  • Traditional drugs

Specialty drugs: Percentage of claims versus total spend

Even though specialty drugs only represented 2% of total claims in 2015, they accounted for 30% of total spend. This shows once more how important tight drug management is to preserving the viability of insurance plans.

Total Claims


Total spend

  • Specialty drugs
  • Traditional drugs